5 Techniques for Emotional Back Pain Relief

I threw out my back last weekend and it got worse before it got better.

I thought to myself, “really? I was changing the bedding for crying out loud. I practice yoga 3 times a week how is it that my back has weakened to the point that changing bedding can create such pain?

And then my dear friend Michelle asked “what is the spiritual meaning behind that?” Of course! I was on a quest to discover what it is and this is what I found.

Muscles store emotional memory. They simply store what the body has endured throughout life. Lower back pain, in the sacrum, can hold a great amount of fear.

At its worst deals with financial security fears and moving forward in your life. It also deals with loss of people, which gives way to fears of moving forward without that particular person or situation.

At best the sacrum and low back area, you can connect into your soul space and tap into your own path toward your greater path moving forward.

The release of stored grief that can be accessed through this area of the body often involves a “good cry”, which I have not yet been able to do.

This kind of full body emotional release will be felt by bending forward, curling around our center. Bending forward at the waist allows the lower back to open itself up and let go of the emotional pain it harbors helping the cry be more productive through the release of all that sadness and grief that has been housed within your body.

Two things come up for me that I am still working through:

  • Fear of moving forward which also involves financial security, and
  • Grief over a loss of someone I experienced decades ago that I never allowed myself to grieve, emotions that have come up very strongly.

I’m still feeling pain and need to first alleviate back pain in order to be able to bend at the waist and have my good cry! I’m still processing the fear and grief that have shown up. I’ve been working on processing in chunks, by sitting with myself, journaling and guidance from my healer which is leading to uncovering generational patterns.

I’d like to share 5 techniques you can use to release emotions from your lower back:

  1. Physical*: Resting in child’s pose allows your lower back to open and continue to release what is being held there. You can also lay on your back, extending one leg long and pulling the other leg toward your chest. Do this with both sides and then pull both knees in together, gently rocking  your body and sending compassion and kindness to your lower back.
  2. Affirmations*: As you move through the poses, it is helpful to create an affirmation that supports your intention. “I am able to move forward with my life without fear of financial worry,” and “I am open and available to heal from the deepest depths of my being now” are two that Emily A. Francis* shares, and she encourages us to design statements that speak most directly to our own experience.
  3. Meditation: I found this one on Insight Timer that incorporates affirmations: Affirmations for Mid Back Pain by Barbara Clark, 22 minutes (search for it on Insight Timer, it’s a free app!)
  4. Pranic Healing: this offered the most instant pain relief for me. I did a self pranic healing on myself and it felt like a wonderful massage. I do healings on my clients long distance because pranic healing is no-touch, but the beauty of being in front of someone is you can get immediate feedback as to how much relief they’re experiencing when we’re dealing with physical pain.
  5. Breathing: Although Pranic Healing techniques found in Your Hands Can Heal You by Stephen Co & Eric B. Robbins, M.D. indirectly clears negative emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs, intuitively in my moment of pain, I created a breathing technique that provided me with immediate pain relief.
    Breathing Technique for Lower Back Pain Relief: Envision a bright white light at the top of your head, imagine opening up your crown / top of your head. Take a deep breath and breathe in the bright white light, see it travel through your body all the way down to your lower back. Imagine it bringing in healing and loving energy to every cell of your body, specifically your lower back. Hold your breathe as you envision the light circling your lower back, massaging it gently. Exhale all the energy, trauma and gunk that no longer serves you and envision it leaving your body through the top of your head. Repeat several times. I found some immediate relief with this practice, but found that it had a continued effect, where relief grew stronger throughout the rest of the day.

When we allow ourselves to explore the root cause of our pain, we are able to release the pain and the underlying stuck emotions, fear and trauma our muscles are retaining.

This was a big lesson learned for me. I’ve experienced something like this before, so I was surprised I didn’t pick up on that on my own. But then again, that is another muscle I need to practice.




The Body Heals Itself by Emily A. Francis

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