My Healing Journey Starts Here


This website, and in particular this blog, has been on my mind for over a year, but I’m only now launching. I’ve come to understand that my hesitation was my fear holding me back. Fear of becoming raw and vulnerable and exposed.

But if there is anything I have learned through my healing journey is that in order to spread love and wellness, teach other women that they can find their own way back to their soul and to begin (and support them in) their healing journey is by opening up, rip the mask off, and get vulnerable.

Each time I allowed myself to become vulnerable, each time I took the mask off, opened up my throat chakra and shared what I was feeling and going through, I was immediately embraced with bright loving energy. I felt as if taking the mask off also took the rug out from underneath me….but my soul sisters were there to catch me, embrace me and hold space for me.

So where exactly does my healing journey begin….I’m not sure. Somewhere in the midst of a 7 year relationship, where we blended our families (us, his son and my two for a total of 5) I opened up my eyes ever so slightly. I felt a calling in my heart to follow this spiritual direction. And I found myself. I reconnected with my inner child, my soul. And I began to realize maybe this relationship was not my “forever” home.

I held an internal fight with myself because I wasn’t exactly proud to end yet another significant love relationship in my life. My first having been my husband of 10 years. But as the God has his own plan, it became very clear that the relationship needed to end in order for my soul to continue growing….it actually became very easy to walk away.

This is where my healing journey was amplified. Where the real work began. I came home to myself and found my soul tribe.

Thank you for joining me as I more publicly open up to share my journey. Join me so we can heal together, learn from each other, encourage one another and be a part of this amazing sisterhood of love.

“Never Leave Love Unspoken”—-I see you. I hear you. I love you.

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