Night of the Goddess

Last night, Friday September the 13th was an incredibly powerful day.

Friday, September the 13th was once a day when we celebrated the feminine divine. Before the patriarchal forces took control of its meaning and deemed it an unlucky day.

Last night was also a full moon. The first full moon to fall on Friday the 13th in 13 years. We have 13 full moons and 13 menstrual cycles in a year. And Friday is associated with the goddess Venus. So a full moon that falls on Friday the 13th is a special, powerful time.

This full moon is known as the Harvest Moon, because it occurs during the harvest and near the autumnal equinox (which this year falls on September 23). This year’s Harvest Moon is in Pisces, a water sign associated with emotions, intuition, and artistic inclination. It’s also a micromoon, meaning it will appear to be slightly smaller than usual because of where it is in its orbit (the opposite of a supermoon).

We honored our ancestors with Zoila Darton, honored Mother Earth and the cosmos with Jenny Viveros, time traveled to meet the Warrior Goddess we once were with Angie Sanchez, unleashed our Inner Warrior and feminine divine through the art of dancing with Michelle Morales, journaled our experience with guidance from Yesenia Mendoza-Menchaca, celebrated Let There Be Luz’s 2nd anniversary and a beautiful send off to our fearless cosmic leader Linda Garcia as she relocates her magic to Dallas and reprogrammed negative beliefs with pranic psychotherapy by yours truly

This couldn’t have happened on a more perfect night as we gathered with 100 women who answered to their intuition and attended this event. We held space for one another, experienced shifts within ourselves and connected at a soul and spiritual level. Friendships were formed and energetic connections took place.

Such a magical night!

To all the women who made this night possible, from the venue, to our host, to the healers to the women show participated…thank you for answering your calling.

I see you. I hear you. I love you.

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