Does my purpose have to be my full time job?

Am I acting out of fear?

Am I betraying my purpose?

What is my purpose anyway?

Do I have to define my purpose?

Does my purpose have to be defined by my income?

By what I do to earn a living?

Can my purpose be what I do out of passion?

What if what I do out of passion doesn’t pay the bills?

Should it not be OK then to a) earn a living elsewhere and b) do the thing because it’s my passion and I love it, and it helps people.

Two different things. Two different entities. Two completely different entities. Because when I share my medicine and my knowledge and several days later I get that text that says ” your energy, your words are working. They helped my son…. IT’S WORKING!!.” And a desperate mother finds a glimmer of hope that her son will make it through this dark period….it doesn’t matter what amount of money is in my bank account, or not.

What if it’s just a matter of finally being open about it. To everyone, not just my safe circle of soul sisters.

I launched this website prior to 9/9/19, because that was the goal. But nobody knows about it….because fear. Fear of judgement. Fear of embracing my power. My medicine. The passion that has been brewing in the core of my soul since I was a child. Fear of owning what I have so deeply known in my inner being. Because for so long “estas loca” is such a loud and vivid phrase.

For so long “you’re too much…” has been a common phrase that has been spoken to me. Yeah, that’s right. I am too much for most, and I like it that way.

The message now for months that I keep receiving is that I’m playing it safe, playing it small. That I need to share. That I have more to give. Messages from source, God, my ancestors including my dad, my grandmothers, my spirit guides…

So I’m sharing this here tonight. On this safe blog, that no one knows about. And the intention is to share on social media just as soon as I hit publish. Why the courage? A significant business altering change…and two glasses of champagne…

This may very well come down tomorrow. This may very well not make it to social media because this nice, dirty chai tea latte is starting to chase away the bubbles….

I have a new website with a blog folks….I get that the message is cryptic, but so are my thoughts. Lol! #eveningmusings #champagnemusings

Love you! XOXO

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